Remember Your Dreams Positive Affirmations


You can drastically improve your dream recall by training your mind with these free positive affirmations designed to help you remember your dreams.

Dream memory tends to slip away as you wake up and regain normal consciousness, but with a bit of practice and increased awareness, remembering dreams can become second nature.

We’ve created these affirmations to instill useful thoughts patterns and habits that will make it much easier to remember your dreams every day, and with time you will find yourself effortlessly reflecting on and recalling your dreams in greater and greater detail.

A couple of points before you begin: First, you should use some of these affirmations right before going to sleep in order to ensure you’re mind is ready and primed for dream recall. Second, consistency is the key, especially with remembering your dreams. The more you practice and try, the easier it becomes!

Present Tense Affirmations
I always remember my dreams
My dream recall is strong
My first thought when waking up is to remember my dream
My mind is focused on recalling my dreams
I write my dreams down every morning
I remember my dreams in high detail
My mind automatically remembers my dreams
I am totally aware of my dreams every night
My dreams are vivid and interesting
I am extremely interested in my dreams


Future Tense Affirmations
I will remember my dreams
I will try to remember my dream as soon as I wake up
I will write down my dreams first thing each morning
I am remembering more and more of my dreams
My dream recall ability is strengthening
Each day it becomes easier to remember my dreams
I will increase my dream awareness
I will keep working at remembering my dreams
I am developing a natural ability to remember my dreams
My dream awareness is improving


Natural Affirmations
Recalling dreams comes naturally to me
My dream memory is naturally strong
I can remember my dreams in high detail
Remembering my dreams is easy
I naturally remember my dreams as soon as I wake up
Writing down my dreams helps me to remember them
I love dreaming
Dreaming is an important part of my life
My dreams are just a natural part of my memory
Remembering my dreams is just a normal part of my life


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