Lucid Dreaming Positive Affirmations


How would you like to master lucid dreaming? The key is to train your subconscious mind with the right patterns and thoughts so that it automatically triggers your awareness of when you are dreaming.

These positive affirmations have been designed to finely tune your mind for dream awareness, control, and memory. You should not only use them throughout the day to condition your mind for dream awareness and consciousness, but most importantly as you lay in bed at night waiting to fall asleep.

If you use these affirmations regularly, in a short period of time, maybe even on the first night, you will find yourself with a heightened awareness of your dreams, better dream recall, and the ability to control your dreams as you wish.

Here they are, we wish you many magical lucid dreams!

Present Tense Affirmations
I am a lucid dreamer
I am fully aware of when I am dreaming
I always wake up within my dream
I am in full control of my dreams
My dream memory is perfect
My dream consciousness is strong
I am always lucid when dreaming
I am awake inside my dreams
I remember my dreams in high detail
I always realize that I am dreaming


Future Tense Affirmations
I will lucid dream tonight
I will wake up within my dream
Recognizing when I am dreaming is becoming effortless
I am starting to remember my dreams every day
I am becoming a lucid dreamer
Controlling my dreams is becoming easy
My dream awareness is growing stronger
I will control my dreams
I am transforming into someone who lucid dreams each and every night
I will recognize when I am dreaming


Natural Affirmations
I love lucid dreaming
My dreams are always lucid
Lucid dreaming comes naturally to me
I can easily notice when I am dreaming
Lucid dreaming is just a normal part of my life
Remembering my dreams is easy
I can control my dreams at will
I can awaken within dreams whenever I want
My mind is focused on lucid dreaming
My mind is alert even when I am asleep



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