Agoraphobia Positive Affirmations


If the thought of experiencing panic attacks in public keeps you retained inside your home, you may be experiencing agoraphobia. These positive affirmations will help you shed your fears and embrace public and open spaces.

While agoraphobia does encompass the fear of open spaces, it also relates to any space outside the home that someone might experience stress and anxiety. Some people fear the outdoors while others are uncomfortable in train stations or waiting in lines. This anxiety can be controlled if you can rewire your mind to view stressful places in a new light.

Begin practicing these affirmations regularly and immediately to manage agoraphobia and build yourself a totally new life that is free and relaxed. By affirming that you are confident and calm, your mind will begin to internalize those beliefs and dissolve your agoraphobia!

Present Tense Affirmations
I am safe outside
I am confident in public
Being outdoors relaxes me
I enjoy being in public places
I am calm when standing in line
I am free to go anywhere
I am safe in public spaces
I am confident in new places
I am free from agoraphobia
I am a confident person


Future Tense Affirmations
I will overcome agoraphobia
I will enjoy visiting new places
I will enjoy leaving my house
I am becoming more confident and relaxed
I am developing inner calm
I will break free from fear
My confidence is developing steadily
I will enjoy meeting new people
I will naturally relax when waiting in lines
I will relax outdoors


Natural Affirmations
Being outside feels natural
Open spaces make me feel relaxed and calm
Public places are safe
Waiting in line is a totally normal part of life
Calming myself down is easy
My confidence is high
Being in public is fun
Meeting new people is fun
Others see me as calm
Open spaces feel safe

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Recommended for curing Agoraphobia

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Agoraphobia Hypnosis: Enlist the help of hypnosis to assist you with overcoming the anxiety that keeps you from going wherever you would like and enjoying your life to the max. Dedicate time each day for two weeks to allow these messages to change the way your mind thinks and totally open you up to a life of freedom and happiness!

Body Relaxation Subliminal: One of the hallmarks of agoraphobia is physical and mental panic. You can develop the ability to naturally relax your body so that the effects of agoraphobia are much more easier to control and stop. A relaxed body means a relaxed mind!