Become Telepathic Positive Affirmations


Unleash your hidden telepathic potential with the help of these free positive affirmations.

Powers of telepathy depend on a few key ingredients. First, you must have total belief in yourself and your ability to tap into telepathic energy. Second, you need to bring your mind into the correct state, which is a highly focused and yet at the same time relaxed and peaceful way of thinking. And third, your awareness needs to expand beyond your own objective perceptions and link into the universal consciousness.

These positive affirmations have been designed to help you achieve all of these key cognitive states. They will naturally relax and focus your mind for telepathic abilities, align your consciousness with subtle universal energies, and sharpen your awareness of hidden forces.

We truly believe that anyone has the potential to develop these powers, and if you use these affirmations regularly you will be well on your way to developing your sixth sense and opening your third eye to perceptions that others could only dream of.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am telepathic
My psychic powers are active
I feel other peoples emotions
I sense what others are thinking
My mind is focused and relaxed
My awareness is fully expanded
I am aligned to the universal consciousness
I perceive subtle forces
I am telepathically attuned to others
I read people’s energies


Future Tense Affirmations
I will become telepathic
I will open my mind
My thoughts are becoming highly focused and serenely calm
My telepathic powers are growing
I am finding myself naturally tuned in to others thoughts
Each day I am becoming more telepathic
My third eye is opening
I am developing a sixth sense
My awareness is expanding beyond my own self
I am starting to perceive what others are thinking


Natural Affirmations
Telepathy comes naturally to me
Telepathy is real
I can develop my telepathic powers
I believe 100% in my telepathic abilities
I can feel other peoples moods
Tapping into unseen forces is easy for me
My sixth sense is finely-tuned
I have a highly developed intuition
Telepathic powers are a normal part of my life
My mind is totally open to universal energy



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Recommended Tools to Become Telepathic

Become Telepathic Subliminal: You can use subliminal messages to fine-tune your mind for accessing telepathic powers and opening yourself to hidden forces and energies. Simply listen to the relaxing sounds and allow the specially designed messages to purify your subconscious and bring you into perfect alignment with the hidden yet real psychic forces of the universe.

Become Telepathic Subliminal MP3: Here is another simple yet powerful tool for unlocking your hidden psychic potential. If you’re serious about becoming telepathic, using this tool on a daily basis will help you to clear away mental barriers, instill total self belief, and get you in the right frame of mind for accessing these powers.