Remote Viewing Positive Affirmations


Here are your remote viewing positive affirmations. They will rewire your mind and develop your ability to think and process information in the way needed to develop this extrasensory skill to it’s fullest potential.

In order to really activate remote viewing powers you need to tap into the power of your mind, make important changes to the way you think, and shift your perception about what is possible. These affirmations will help you with all of this, and if you practice them consistently you will become someone with a highly developed remote viewing ability who can easily focus their mind, clear their thoughts, and allow their awareness to take in as much remote information as possible.

Remote viewing really works, the key is that you have to make the necessary changes in your own mind to open up and access your hidden potential. We invite you to use these affirmations to help you with this process. And we know you can do it if you really put your mind to it.

Present Tense Affirmations
I remote view information accurately
My remote viewing ability is strong
I remote view places and people
My mind is open to all information
My mind is clear and focused
I remember all the details of a remote viewing session
I am receptive to new information
My senses are finely tuned
I am dedicated to mastering remote viewing
I concentrate extremely well


Future Tense Affirmations
I will develop my remote viewing ability
I will remote view people, places, and information
Remote viewing is becoming easier
My mind is becoming highly focused
My awareness is constantly expanding
My remote viewing is becoming more and more accurate
I will clear my mind
I am developing highly efficient remote viewing abilities
I will remote view any target
I am developing a highly focused mind


Natural Affirmations
Remote viewing comes naturally to me
I can remote view whatever I focus my mind on
Remote viewing is a normal part of my life
Deep concentration is easy for me
My mind is naturally focused and sharp
I can pick up on distant information with my mind
Staying focused and disciplined comes easy to me
Remote viewing is enjoyable
I can easily get my mind into the perfect state for remote viewing
I can remote view anything I want


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