Astral Projection Positive Affirmations


How would you like to master astral projection? With the help of these free positive affirmations, you can! They will help to open your mind, expand your awareness, and instill total self belief in your ability to have an astral projection.

If you want to have an out of body experience (OBE), or astral projection as it’s also known, then the first thing you need to do is get your mind and body properly aligned, relaxed, and prepared. This is exactly why we have written these affirmations, they will prepare your mind for astral travel by guiding you to believe deeply, think positively, calm your mind, and visualize your astral body.

For best results, you should choose a few affirmations that you really like and recite these as you lay peacefully and attempt to connect with your astral plane.

Why not get started right away? Who knows… you could even have an astral projection tonight!

Present Tense Affirmations
My mind is ready for astra projection
I am leaving my body
I am relaxed and at peace
I am prepared for astral travel
I am sure that I can achieve astral projection
My consciousness is open to the astral plane
I am connected to my astral body
My mind is calm and aware
My entire being is at peace
My awarenes is expanded and open


Future Tense Affirmations
I will experience astral projection
I will have an out of body experience
I will travel to the astral plane
I will access my astral body
My mind and body are becoming aligned for astral projection
I am developing a peaceful state of mind
I will remember my out of body experiences
Visualizing astral projection is becoming easier and easier
I am developing total belief in my ability to have an OBE
I am starting to have astral projections regularly


Natural Affirmations
I enjoy having out of body experiences
I am naturally relaxed and at peace
Astral projection comes naturally to me
Leaving my body is easy
I believe deeply that I can have an out of body experience
Astral travel is just a normal part of my life
I leave my physical body every night
I am in a state of total peace
My awareness is completely expanded
Visualizing astral travel helps me to achieve it


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