Increase Psychic Powers Positive Affirmations


These positive affirmations have been designed to help you increase your psychic powers naturally. They will fine-tune your mind for expanded awareness, subtle perceptions, and psychic energy. And ultimately, allow you to transcend the barriers of time and space with the power of your mind.

You should use these affirmations on a daily basis, at least twice per day, but also whenever you are trying to access a psychic state of mind. They can really help you to settle your thoughts, calm your body, and align your entire being with the forces of universal power and nature.

Here they are, and remember, consistency is key. If you take these affirmations seriously and use them regularly you will totally transform your current sate of mind into one that is highly receptive to subtle energies and powers.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am psychic
My mind is receptive to subtle energies
I am tuned-in to hidden cosmic forces
I am aligned with nature
I am highly receptive to psychic information
My psychic powers are strong
My sixth sense is activated
My mind is aligned with universal knowledge
I am extremely intuitive
My third eye is open


Future Tense Affirmations
I will increase my psychic powers
I will open my third eye
My sixth sense is growing stronger
I am becoming more and more receptive to psychic information
I will perceive hidden knowledge
I am finding it easier to listen to my intuition
I will maintain contact with universal power
My psychic powers are growing stronger and stronger
My mind is becoming highly receptive to subtle energies
My awareness is expanding more and more


Natural Affirmations
I have a natural psychic ability
Psychic powers are normal for me
I can pick up on subtle energies
I am naturally receptive to psychic information
My intuition is naturally strong
I have a highly developed sixth sense
I can perceive things that others can’t
People are amazed at my psychic abilities
Universal energy and knowledge surround me
I can pick up on other peoples thoughts and emotions



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