Become The Alpha Female Positive Affirmations


The alpha female is a woman who embodies all the traits of a what it means to be feminine, in a way that is attractive to men in the highest degree possible. Men are attracted to different types of women, but one thing they can’t help is to be attracted on a subconscious level to certain traits that have been evolved both biologically and psychologically.

You can tap into your subconscious mind and express these deeply feminine, sexy, and attractive traits naturally – by using these positive affirmations!

A great time to recite them would be each morning when you wake up, each night before you go to sleep, and just before heading out on a social occassion in which you really want to shine!

If you stick with these affirmations, they can help you transform into a woman who is totally confident, sexy, and just naturally attracts men on a very deep and primal level!

Present Tense Affirmations
I am a confident and sexy woman
I allow my femininity to shine through
I am graceful, sexy, and beautiful
Men are naturally drawn to my femininity
I am a woman who knows how to attract a man
I am both dominating and submissive at the same time
I am irresistebly feminine
Men can pick up on my subtle sexual signals
I am the woman that everyone notices
Others admire my highly charged feminine energy


Future Tense Affirmations
I will express my womanly nature
I will allow my femininity to shine through
Men will be helpless in my presence
I will light up a room with my positive energy
Others are starting to notice my subtle sexual power
I will act with grace, confidence, and power
I am starting to understand exactly how to attract men
Men are drawn to my femininity
I will allow my true beauty to shine through
I am becoming an alpha female


Natural Affirmations
Being an alpha female comes naturally to me
I can naturally attract men wherever I go
My nature is subtle yet powerful
I naturally draw men towards me
I have a primal feminine energy within me
I am a beautiful, sexual, graceful woman
Being confident is just who I am
I just naturally am the alpha female
Men are drawn to my ultra feminine energy
I can tap into and express my womanhood at will

Recommended Tools to Become the Alpha Female

Confidence With Men Subliminal: One of the main characteristics of the alpha female is an ability to be subtly confident in a very feminine way. This type of confidence is quite a bit different than the confidence usually expressed by men. It is a supremely womanly confidence, and you can get this for yourself naturally by using this subliminal album which conditions your subconscious mind to develop all of these highly attractive womanly traits!

Love Yourself Hypnosis: Men love women that love themselves, because they know that they can count on such a woman to be just the right amount of independent and dependent. So learn to love yourself truly and deeply, and send your attractiveness through the roof! Men will be naturally drawn to you without even knowing why, but the secret is that your energy will be very positive, and people can’t help but to be attracted to this!

Attract Men Subliminal: Use this professionally designed subliminal album to vastly increase your ability to attract men. It uses specially constructed subliminal messages that will penetrate your mind to the core of your unconscious. This will help you develop all of the deep psychological traits that will make you naturally attractive to men!