Breast Reduction Positive Affirmations


These positive affirmations have been designed specifically to help you with natural breast reduction.

The mind-body connection is very strong, and you can tap into this mechanism with the daily use of these positive affirmations. They will create breast reduction focused thought patterns and beliefs at your core consciousness to not only help you adopt the necessary lifestyle changes for reducing your breast size, but also to influence the automatic processes of your body such as how fat is stored and where blood and nutrition flow.

We support you in your goal to naturally reduce your breast size, and we understand that large breasts can lead to back problems, embarrassment, and a general reduction in quality of life. However, with the right mindset and dedication to applying these affirmations to your daily life you can overcome this problem and become someone with naturally smaller, healthier, more manageable breasts.

Present Tense Affirmations
My breasts are small
My breasts are firm and healthy
My mind is completely focused on reducing my breast size
My body sends revitalizing energy and nutrition to my breasts
I am naturally reducing the size of my breasts
My breasts are the perfect size
I live a healthy lifestyle that encourages smaller breast size
My breasts are a normal size
My breasts feel as light as a feather
My body is burning the fat in my breasts


Future Tense Affirmations
I will reduce the size of my breasts
I will have beautiful small breasts
My breasts are becoming smaller
I am starting to notice my breasts feel lighter and firmer
I will eat healthy, lose weight, and reduce the size of my breasts
My body will store any excess fat away from my breasts
I will burn the excess fat in my breasts
Sending nutrients to my breasts will make them smaller and firmer
I will be happy with my smaller breasts
I will send positive energy to my breasts


Natural Affirmations
I have naturally small breasts
My breasts are of an average size
I can use my mind to influence the process of fat reduction in my breasts
I deserve to have healthier, smaller breasts
I believe deeply that I will have smaller breasts
I have naturally pert and slim breasts
Living a healthier lifestyle and reducing my weight will lead to smaller breasts
I can redirect my body fat away from my breasts
I love my breasts no matter what
Sending positive energy to my breasts is important

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