Perfect Pert Breasts Positive Affirmations


How would you like to have perfect pert breasts? These positive affirmations will rewire your deepest thought patterns with intentions and beliefs that will naturally improve the firmness, feel, and health of your breasts.

Your life, your reality, and your body are all influenced by your beliefs and thoughts. Using affirmations on a daily basis gives you the power to consciously reprogram these deep patterns and create positive changes. And the great thing is that the power of the mind-body connection means you can actually influence the way your body works, heals, and responds by feeding it intentional thoughts and positive energy!

A calm, peaceful, and positive mind has the power to create massive changes by using these affirmations. If you really stick with these you will notice that you breasts feel firmer, look younger, and you will just generally feel much more confident and happy with your breasts!

Imagine being carefree enough to wear a shirt without a bra, or making love with your partner and feeling totally confident with how your breasts look and feel. We believe it’s possible, and you should too!

Present Tense Affirmations
My breasts are perfectly pert
My breasts are firm
My breasts are healthy
My breasts look great
My breasts are sexy
I am confident with my beautiful breasts
My breasts are beautiful and perky
My partner loves my pert breasts
I am directing positive healing energy to my breasts
My breasts have perfect blood flow and nutrition


Future Tense Affirmations
I will have perfect pert breasts
My breasts are becoming firmer
I am starting to feel more confident with my breasts
I will live a healthy lifestyle that helps me to have healthy breasts
My mind is becoming highly focused on firming up my breasts
I am developing perky breasts
My breasts are becoming healthier
Others are starting to notice my perfect pert breasts
I will have beautiful healthy breasts
I will be totally confident in my breasts and love them no matter what


Natural Affirmations
My breasts are naturally pert and firm
Having healthy firm looking breasts is normal for me
Others see me as someone who is lucky to have such perfect breasts
My breasts are naturally perky
I have sexy breasts
My breasts are beautiful
My breasts are naturally healthy
My partner loves my breasts no matter what
I love my breasts
My breasts feel wonderfully healthy

Recommended Tools for Perfect Pert Breasts

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