Enjoy Oral Sex Positive Affirmations


These affirmations will help you to enjoy both giving and receiving oral sex.

If you are someone who has struggled to enjoy giving their partner oral pleasure, or maybe you even find it difficult to just relax and enjoy having oral sex performed on you, then these affirmations will really help you out. They will reprogram your deepest perceptions about oral sex and shift your sexual attitude into a much more relaxed, pleasurable, and open state.

Think about how exciting it would be to actually crave giving and receiving oral sex, to enjoy the taste of your partners body, and to experience immense sexual pleasure and fulfillment from it. This is totally possible, and all it takes is a subtle yet powerful shift in your mind.

Use these affirmations on a daily basis and you will experience this shift for yourself. You will find your attitude towards oral sex changing a little bit each and every day, and before you know it you will become the kind of person who has a natural appreciation for the enjoyment of giving and receiving oral sex.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am open to the enjoyment oral sex
I accept my partner’s body and enjoy its taste
I like to please my partner in whatever way I can
I am confident in my body
I am always excited to give oral sex
My body is tingling with the anticipation of receiving oral sex
I am skilled at giving oral sex
I am sexually adventurous
I always give great oral sex
I am turned on at the thought of receiving oral sex


Future Tense Affirmations
I will enjoy giving oral sex
I will relax and accept the pleasure of receiving oral sex
Oral sex is bringing my partner and I closer together
I am starting to enjoy the taste of my partner’s body
I will perform oral sex with enthusiasm and enjoyment
Oral sex is turning me on more and more
I will master the skill of giving great oral sex
I am finding myself turned on by the thought of oral sex
I am transforming into a sexually adventurous and open person
My partner is starting to notice my new found enjoyment of oral sex


Natural Affirmations
I naturally enjoy oral sex
Oral sex is natural and normal
I love the taste of my partner’s body
It turns me on to bring pleasure to my partner
Oral sex helps me to feel close to my partner
I am bonding with my partner through oral sex
Oral sex is a normal and enjoyable part of my life
It’s important to me that I learn to enjoy oral sex
Sexually pleasing my partner is a priority in my life
I naturally relax and let go when receiving oral sex

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