Mountain Biking Positive Affirmations


Mountain Biking is very physically demanding and therefore requires not only great fitness, but also the will power and confidence to progress and break through barriers – barriers you’ve never broken through before!

Good mental strength is needed in order to fulfill challenges and perform to your maximum ability when on the saddle of your favorite bike….

These affirmations will inspire you to improve your mountain biking performance and help you strive to meet the goals you set for yourself. They also focus on increasing your self-confidence meaning you will have the mental strength to take on more challenging terrain and trails!

If you need some inspiration or are looking for a way to take your performance up a gear then these affirmations are definitely for you!


Present Tense Affirmations
I am a strong Mountain Bike rider
I perform every time I hit a trail
I am confident in my ability to ride
Mountain Biking is my passion
I have a great understanding of my bike
My technical skills are brilliant
Every ride is a new challenge I will beat
I love riding my Mountain Bike
Hills and headwinds are my personal trainers
Me and my mountain bike work together like a well oiled machine


Future Tense Affirmations
I will perform well on my Mountain Bike
I will increase my performance levels
I will increase my stamina and fitness on the bike
I will welcome new challenges and seek to complete them
I will develop my Mountain Biking skills
I will seek advice and guidance from other riders
I will interact with others from the Mountain Bike community
I will try out new trails and routes
I will sustain full concentration when Mountain Biking
I will respect the dangers the sport poses and seek to remain safe when riding


Natural Affirmations
I am extremely proud of what I have achieved
I have an incredible knowledge of the sport
Mountain Biking is a huge part of my life
My coordination is incredible
I have a natural understanding of different terrains
I naturally know how to balance on my Mountain Bike
I have a raw talent for Mountain Biking
I was born to Mountain Bike
I know how to push myself to the limit
I know when my body needs to rest

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