Muscle Recovery Positive Affirmations


The proper state of mind can help your muscles rest and recover after an intense workout. Proper recovery is important to promote enhanced strength while preventing injuries. Use these positive affirmations to help your body bounce back and make the muscle recovery process smoother and faster.

Healing takes place both in the mind and in the body, and learning to relax yourself while visualizing muscular recovery can help you achieve healing & growth in a shorter amount of time. When this happens, you will be able to work out more often without feeling tired or sore!

The best time to use these affirmations would be while your relaxing your muscles after a workout, laying in bed, or even during a commercial break while you’re watching TV. They will help you to relax your mind, heal your body, and ensure proper regeneration and growth of muscle tissue.

Here they are, choose a handful of affirmations that you really like then write them down or memorize them so you can use them between workouts to maximize your strength gains!

Present Tense Affirmations
My muscles recover quickly
My muscles grow fast
My body repairs itself efficiently
My muscles are always healing and growing
My entire body is relaxed and at peace
My muscles receive excellent blood flow
I am resting and recovering
My muscles are recovering perfectly
I am strong and healthy
I am in a state of total rest and relaxation


Future Tense Affirmations
My muscles are recovering faster and faster
I will supply my body with proper nutrition for optimum recovery
I will sleep well to help my body recover
My muscles will recover perfectly between workouts
My muscles will recover quickly
My recovery time will continue to improve
I will rest sufficiently and maximize my recovery
I will relax and unwind after a tough workout
I will use proper exercise technique to avoid injury
As my strength increases, I will feel less muscle fatigue


Natural Affirmations
I have excellent muscle recovery
Fast muscular growth happens naturally for me
I am naturally strong and healthy
My muscles heal themselves quickly
My body is naturally wired for efficient muscle recovery
I enjoy the rest time between workouts
My muscles are highly efficient at healing themselves
I can recover fast from an intense workout
My mind is positive and relaxed
People are often amazed at how quickly I bounce back

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Recommended Tools for Muscle Recovery

Muscle Recovery & Growth Subliminal: You can fine-tune your mind and naturally reduce the amount of time it takes for your muscles to recover after a workout. Use these subliminal messages to maximize the recovery process and help improve your overall strength and fitness by tapping into the inate power of the mind-body connection!

Stress Relief Hypnosis: You want to recover fast? You need to relax your mind and body, and that’s exactly what this hypnosis album will help you with. It relaxes your mind and puts your entire being into a state of rest and relaxation, which is exactly the state you need to be in to properly grow your muscle and recover your strength.

Get Ripped Abs Subliminal: Here is a great subliminal tool for anyone who is serious about achieving amazing abs. Listen to the album as you walk, exercise, clean the house, or just relax. In time your mind and body will become totally aligned with the goal of getting totally ripped abs!