Six Pack Abs Positive Affirmations


Abdominal muscles that are flat and lean indicate a high level of physical fitness, and your mental attitude plays a huge role in how you develop this part of your body. Amazingly, thinking positively and visualizing strong, flat, well defined abs can actually help you shrink this area and build the kind of six-pack that make other people think “WOW!”

You can achieve your goal of having six pack abs by improving your focus and concentration, which are essential elements of developing them. Make these positive affirmations a part of your daily workout or recovery routine and you will notice a remarkable improvement in the appearance and strength of your abs!

Be ready for the beach by developing your six pack abs starting today. You will feel fit and confident knowing your core muscles are sleek and defined. This will also lead to enhanced health and fewer sports injuries!

May you have strong, sexy, healthy abdominal muscles for life!

Present Tense Affirmations
My abs are lean
I always work my ab muscles with intensity
My waistline is slim and perfect
I have the right combination of diet and exercise
My abdominal muscles are well defined
I am determined to have six-pack abs
My abs are healthy
My core muscles are incredibly strong
My abs receive excellent blood flow and nutrition
Others admire my great looking six-pack


Future Tense Affirmations
I will have six-pack abs
My waistline is becoming smaller
My abs are becoming leaner every day
My core will be sleek and sexy
I will maintain a healthy weight and keep my abs defined
People will be amazed at the definition of my abs
I will remain focused on my workout routine
My clothes will fit better and I will look more attractive
I will develop massive confidence in my body
My abs are growing stronger and stronger


Natural Affirmations
My abs are naturally strong
I love my well defined abs
I am naturally well-proportioned
My back and core muscles are strong
Staying consistent with my workout is easy
I have strong lower abdominal muscles
My strengthening technique is perfect
Losing weight and becoming toned comes easy for me
My ab muscles are naturally toned and defined
I have the proper body fat ratio

Recommended Tools to develop Six Pack Abs

Rock Hard Abs Subliminal: Overcome excuses and make six-pack abs a reality. Erase any hidden doubts or self limiting beliefs you may be holding on to, so you can be stronger, more fit, and trimmer than ever before! You will be amazed at the transformation that takes place in your mind and your body!

Weight Loss Hypnosis: Natural and healthy weight loss can help you achieve six-pack abs. This is because when you lose weight, your stomach also reduces in size. Using this hypnosis session is an ideal way to tap into the power of your mind, shed fat, and develop an amazing six-pack.

Get Ripped Abs Subliminal: Become extremely motivated and driven to get totally ripped abs by listening to this professionally crafted subliminal album that targets your subconscious mind. You’ll find it much easier to train harder, work your ab muscles properly, and become more toned and fit as a result.