Breast Enlargement Positive Affirmations


Naturally increase the size of your breasts with these specially designed positive affirmations. They will help you tap into the power of your mind and subtly influence the physiology of your body to bring about healthy and drug free breast enlargement.

The first and most important step is to improve your confidence and belief in your breasts, because thinking positively about your body in this way will free it up and release any negative mind-body blocks that may be preventing your breasts from reaching their true potential.

Using these affirmation each day will create positive thought patterns that will improve your perception of your breasts, send proper nutrition and blood flow to the entire chest area, and influence your physiology with the positive energy needed to influence your breasts to store more fat and grow bigger.

Choose the affirmations you feel resonate with you most deeply. You may even feel warmth or tingling in your breasts when you read some of them, these will be your most effective affirmations and you should consistently use them every day to see the best possible results.

Present Tense Affirmations
My breasts are large
My breasts are beautiful
I am confident in my breasts
I am sending extra blood flow to my breasts
I am naturally enlarging my breasts
My body provides excellent nutrition to my breasts
My breasts are full and healthy
My mind is focused on increasing my breast size
My mind-body connection is aligned with the goal of enlarging my breasts
I am enlarging my breasts with the power of my mind


Future Tense Affirmations
My breasts are growing
I will increase my breast size
I will develop confidence in my breasts
I am starting to notice my breasts feeling fuller
Each day my breasts become bigger and bigger
Others are starting to notice my large breasts
I am transforming into woman with big beautiful breasts
My body is starting to store more fat in my breasts
My breasts are becoming healthier
My body is starting to send more blood and nutrition to my chest


Natural Affirmations
I have naturally large breasts
My body sends any extra body fat to my chest
Having big beautiful breasts is a normal part of my life
Other people are always admiring my breasts
I believe 100% that I can enlarge my breasts with positive thinking
I have total confidence in my breasts
My breasts are full and healthy
I can send extra blood and nutrition to my breasts
I have firm and healthy breasts
Excess body fat is always stored in my breasts

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Recommended Tools to Enlarge Your Breasts

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Breast Enlargement Subliminal: Here is another great tool for increasing your breast size without the need for drugs or surgery. Simply listen to the album each day as you relax or go about your activities and it will influence your mind-body connection with positive subliminal messages that are expertly crafted to influence your breast health, firmness, size, and confidence.