Happy Marriage Positive Affirmations


A happy, healthy marriage is the way to an enjoyable life. Don’t jump to divorce papers- first, think through if there is anything worth fixing, anything you can still hold on to. If there is, which is the most likely case, then you have to work it out with your spouse.

Whether you’re a newly married couple and you want to get it right, or you’re passed your golden anniversary and you’ve been having disagreements that you want to fix, there is no harm in giving these affirmations a try. They will break down the obstacles in the way of a happy life together, and odds are you have something valuable together that is worth cherishing. Don’t let it slip between your fingers, get a grip on your life as a couple.

An unhappy marriage can ultimately ruin, or at least change, your life. Nurture your relationship with your partner with these free positive affirmations. It takes time to build something as big as your lives together. Let it all settle in, and set a strong foundation for your future married life with the help of these affirmations.

Present Tense Affirmations
I have a strong relationship with my spouse
We are open and sharing with each other
We understand each other
I pay attention to my spouse’s needs
We work things out by calmly talking
Both of us have a say in making decisions
We sustain a strong, healthy marriage
I am intent on nurturing our feelings for each other
I am confident in our relationship
Our feelings for each other are powerful


Future Tense Affirmations
Our marriage will prosper
I will focus on the positive things in our marriage
I will stop letting things get in the way of my feelings
I will listen when my spouse has something to stay
I will work things out with my spouse on a mature, adult level
I will focus on spending the rest of my life with my spouse
My partner and I will be together forever
I will always love my spouse
Our marriage will make us happier people
I will take care of our relationship


Natural Affirmations
I always see beauty in my spouse
We simply love each other
We are destined to be together
Our relationship is meant to be long term
I am naturally aware of my spouse’s feelings
I am happy with our relationship
We love each other just the way we are
I am confident in our feelings for each other
Our relationship is naturally healthy and happy
I simply want us to be together forever

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