Loving Your Wife Positive Affirmations


Behind the pure momentum of the emotion, love is quite a complicated thing. The initial spark of attraction to your spouse may be fading after years of marriage, even though you always had a stable relationship of mutual trust and understanding. If you find yourself slipping under the illusion of a burned out passion and a relationship that “just isn’t working out”, you’ve come to the right place.

Relationships are never easy. Sometimes it may seem that the whole world is pitted against your companionship with your wife. The truth is, there is only one thing getting in the way of a happy relationship with your wife, that’s you. If you are truly committed to making your relationship work, and you feel that you can reach an understanding with yourself and with your wife to diagnose the problem, these affirmations are for you. These positive affirmations will refocus the love you first felt for you wife and allow you to overcome anything holding you back from loving her again.

If the relationship is really worth it, you won’t need to rekindle the spark; it will simply already be there. It takes work and practice to restore a healthy relationship, and you can find yourself in a wonderful relationship with your wife again if you channel positive thoughts and energy about you and about your feelings through positive affirmations.

Present Tense Affirmations
I love my wife
I fall in love with her over again every day
My wife is beautiful inside and out
Our relationship is healthy
We have a mutual relationship of trust and understanding
I am faithful to our relationship
I love her more than anyone in the world
We work out our differences with calm discussions
My wife is a spectacular woman
I am open to conversations with her


Future Tense Affirmations
I will work hard to better our relationship
I will treat her with respect
I will listen to what she has to say
I will look at the situation through her point of view
We will grow in love and honesty
I will be patient with her
I will be there for her whenever she needs me
I will trust her with anything
We will work hard to overcome our differences
I will always be willing to put her first


Natural Affirmations
My wife and I are made for each other
Our relationship is worth cherishing
I am naturally kind and gentle to her
We are soul mates
I am naturally loving
I am a good listener
I am always there for her whenever she needs me
I am a loving, caring husband
I love everything about my wife
I always look forward to spending time with her

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